Learn to Hoop

Want to learn how to hoop? You’re in the right hands. Revolva can teach you (or your guests) how to give it a whirl. With her patient and encouraging teaching style, she has become a sought-after instructor at events far and wide, including:

Hoop Convergence national hoopdance conference (Carrboro, NC)
Hoop Camp, national hoopdance conference (Santa Cruz, CA)
Irish Hoop Bootcamp (Dublin, Ireland)
Brighton Flow Fest (Brighton, England)
Fire Drums international fire/spinning/juggling retreat (Northern CA)
WildFire, the East Coast’s premiere fire and spin arts training camp (Ashford, CT)
MadSkillz Vancouver, Canada’s flow, juggle and spin festival (Vancouver, BC)
Pacific Fire Gathering, fire and flow arts festival (Coverdale, OR)


Revolva’s “Multiple Hoop Mayhem” class, Portland, OR.

And that’s not to mention the hoop workshops and classes she’s taught at gyms, private events, corporate functions, birthday parties and even a hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation department. What are you waiting for? Get ready to have fun, feel like a rock star and enjoy an art form so meditative and awesome that it’s hard to believe it’s also incredibly good exercise.

Contact REVOLVAHOOPDANCE@GMAIL.COM to set up workshops.


Comerica Cityfest, Detroit, MI.

Here are some examples of available classes:

Hoopdance Basics (beginner)
Haven’t hooped for years? Never hooped in your life? This class will teach you the foundational moves, starting with core hooping, progressing on into footwork and arm-engagement techniques.

Hoopdance Jumpstart (intermediate)
Beyond “tricks,” we each bring a unique flavor to how we move with a hoop, in the between spaces or even when just waist hooping. In this workshop, you’ll be practicing techniques to access your own, individual dance and to increase the flow of your movement.

Advanced Focus Sampler
Often taught at juggling festivals, as a sampler of advanced moves, this workshop presents a mind-blowing: jump, roll, step out, toss and kick-start – with ways to interlink the moves.

Hooping Below the Belt
Peel off those shoes and socks, people. We’re going downtown! Hooping Below the Belt covers knee hooping, how to recover waist hooping from the knees, kick outs, kick starts and foot hooping (both on the ground and standing).


Revolva teaching “Hooping Below the Belt,” Manchester, England.

Multiple Hoop Mayhem
Learn how to split hoops (on the core and on the arms), form patterns inspired by Native American hoop dance and capture a whole stack of hoops as we practice “toss ons” in the circus style.

Street performance (busking) for object manipulators
Discover helpful techniques for drawing and sustaining a crowd, for handling hecklers and for developing a show that, while involving objects, is very, very different from performing in a stage setting.

Ignition: Writing Your Hoopdance
Dance is a form of communication. So what happens when body language intersects with the written word? “Ignition” combines journaling exercises with corresponding hoop exercises – writing what we dance, moving to words and exploring ways to deepen our practice by erasing the division between body and mind. (Revolva has taught Creative Writing and Composition at the university level; this workshop combines her dual backgrounds as a writer and revolver.)


Working with the future generation of hoopers.