“A mind-blowing style of virtuosic hooping … well-developed characters … a complete entertainment experience.”
— Zossima Karamazov, The Flying Karamazov Brothers

“An hour of fun every five seconds. Insane, kinetic, and irresistible. I did not want her to leave the stage.”
– S. Trotsky, McPuzo & Trotsky, San Francisco, CA

“Revolva is always a huge hit at our show. She’s an audience favorite, a complete professional and an amazing performer. I’d have her with us every month if I could.”
— Jim “Kingfish” Sweeney, Producer, Hubba Hubba Revue, San Francisco, CA

“While everyone was wonderful and the crowd at the Redwood Amphitheater most appreciative, I am still wildly applauding the genius of Revolva and her Flashdance tribute.” — Magazine

“Extreme hula hooping!” — Metro Times, Detroit, MI

“Revolva adds theater to hoop, creating a show instead of just an act.”
— Rhys Thomas, international comedy juggler, Juggle Mania, Portland, OR

“Look at her go. She’s like Wonder Woman!” — Fox2 News

“A revelation! Her world revolves around the hula hoop.”
– The Detroit News

“Revolva was an incredible asset to the New Old Time Chautauqua Vaudeville Tour in every way imaginable. Her performance spins a story within a whirlwind of sophisticated and fantastic hooping, and she connected with people everywhere we traveled. I can’t say enough about the holistic magic of Revolva.”
— Harry Levine, New Old Time Chautauqua Vaudeville Tour Board of Directors

“An entrancing performer with a great sense of humor who also knows how to break it down clearly and with personality when she teaches.”
— Kristen McQuillen, Co-director, Spin Matsuri Festival, Tokyo, Japan

“I attended your class during Pacific Fire Gathering. I felt encouraged during the class and felt the explanations of tricks were easy to apply to my hoop dance. Not only are you a great teacher, you’re one of the most inspiring hoop performers I have met.”
– Robin Rice, Eugene, OR

“I’ve never seen a hooper so hilarious but impressive all at the same time.”
– Ross Clelland, United Kingdom (comment via youtube)

“We met you at Circus Artemis and my kids Max and Evie are now obsessed with hula hooping. Max keeps talking about you, and telling me that he wants to email you to see if you could come over to watch him hula hoop. He’s also told me to tell you that he loves you.”
– Lara, Audience member, Portland, OR