Stage, Street, Fire, Glow Demo

Revolva is a vaudeville machine, a whirling mistress of disguise, and a woman who is adept at both tickling your funny bone and lowering your jaw bone. Here she is, all around the world, from California to Scotland — stage, street, fire, lights, comedy, characters galore.


“Single Ladies”

What happens when Revolva is ditched at the altar? Find out in an act that’s great for cabaret shows, and even — weddings.

“The Final Countdown”

One woman has come to conquer to rings of Saturn!

Fire shows

Revolva can perform her multiple fire hoop act at a length of 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the event. She has spun fire for San Jose State University, for i-tunes employees, at the San Francisco Fire Dancing Expo (below) — and she has also taught and performed at fire arts training camps across the country, including Fire Drums (California), Wild Fire (Connecticut) and Pacific Fire Gathering (Oregon).

Street shows

From rainy Edinburgh Fringe Fest to foggy San Francisco, Revolva has spun sunshine into the lives of children and adults by turning tricks on the street (not those kind of tricks). Catch her busking, and you’ll not only see 6 hoops at once, whirling on 4 body parts, you might find yourself in the finale of her show! The video below won Revolva the Busking Project’s top pick award in their 2011 “What do you contribute to public space?” busking contest.

Revolva is also the matriarch of the Fruitvale Family Circus, a street show containing a rotating cast of some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s hottest circus performers.

Circus Artemis: Portland Women’s Circus

Revolva co-founded Circus Artemis: Portland Women’s Circus in 2009. Here’s the highlights reel from their 2010 show at Staver Locomotive in Portland.

“Breakers vs. Hoopers”

In 2013, following her passion for women’s activism, Revolva co-organized, co-emceed and performed at One Billion Rising Oakland, an event held on the steps of Oakland’s City Hall, aimed at ending rape and domestic violence. With a focus on the community rising up through dance, it only made sense that Revolva rallied her contacts and assembled the local street dancers and circus artists for “Breakers vs. Hoopers.” This act can rock your world. And change it.