Birthday writing contest: Tell me your rebirth story and win free leggings
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* Tomorrow is my birthday. Use it to contemplate your own re-birth, and you may walk away in a pair of free leggings from the Revolva Rock Store.

My friend recently pointed me to an NPR piece, covering the theory that a  caterpillar is not a creature which knits a sleeping bag, and then emerges from a nap with a rad, new pair of wings. Instead, the caterpillar and the butterfly are two entirely different beings.  One must die, in order for the other to exist.  From NPR: “[The caterpillar] phase is “a deathlike intermission.” Inside, these caterpillars … turn to mush. Most of their cells die. But lurking in the goo are a few cells that jump into action, and turn what was once caterpillar into … here comes the resurrection … a moth!”

To celebrate my own shift from one year into the next, I’m inviting y’all to muse on the following journaling prompt. I’ll pick one story to WIN FREE LEGGINGS:  Have you ever had an experience of such complete change—such utter tectonic shifting of what you thought was your foundation—that you emerged through a death of the old you, into a new form of being alive? Maybe it was a literal birth or death that sparked it. Becoming a parent. Losing a loved one. Or perhaps it was something more subtle. A gesture. The time you said what you really thought. What happened? What did you learn? How are you different now? 

This doesn’t have to be fancy writing; just YOUR story. We all have them.  Post your responses in the comments by Thursday, April 24, noon PST, or you can email them to revolvahoopdance@gmail.com if you want them to be private.  I’ll read over them on Thursday, and pick one caterpillar to transform even further, via a free, fancy pair of leggings (you only have to pay shipping if winner is outside of U.S.).  Men are eligible, too, and in that case, I would simply refer to them as “meggings.”

NOTE: I’m leaving for a road trip in a few moments, and if you submit a comment, it may take until Thursday for me to hit “approve” and make it appear. 



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1 Comment to “Birthday writing contest: Tell me your rebirth story and win free leggings”
  • Jules Becker
    April 22, 2014 - Reply

    I actually died twice from complications due to Anorexia. Twice I was brought back by amazing teams of cardiac specialists and I am forever grateful. After 3 months and a day in the hospital, I stepped out into the sunlight and knew I was still here for a reason. Next January will mark 20 years since I left the hospital. I’ve had stumbles and falls, but I finally love myself and have embraced who I am and what I really love. Where I was mousey and shy, I’m bold and outgoing….wear a mismatched outfit back then? Oh my, no way. Now? Always. I constantly put myself out there so I can learn and experience new things instead of doing what I thought was safe and waveless. Am I still shy and self doubting? Of course….I just know I will push myself now to question “what the f*** is the worst thing that could happen?” and then tackle, tackle, tackle. Thanks for this fun outlet, Revolva xoxo

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