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“We don’t have a budget”: Why artists die of exposure
On: November 18, 2015   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: No Comment

“We don’t have a budget.” These five words are the bane of a creative worker’s existence. Every few seconds, the phone rings, ...

Do you have a job?
On: March 6, 2015   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: No Comment

“Do you have a job?” Find out how this question sounds to independent artists who are doing ALL THE JOBS. This post is re-published from 2...

Win a Revolvie! Categories open for submissions
On: January 19, 2015   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: No Comment

It’s that time again: The 6th non-annual 2015 Revolvies Hoop Awards for 2014. And this year, you can submit for consideration to revolvahoopdanc...

Birthday writing contest: Tell me your rebirth story and win free leggings
On: April 22, 2014   |   By:   |   Under: Contests, Uncategorized   |   Comments: 1 Comment

* Tomorrow is my birthday. Use it to contemplate your own re-birth, and you may walk away in a pair of free leggings from the Revolva Rock Store. My f...

Ask Revolva: Are hoopers annoying, how to fill classes, rad stage makeup, being non-offensive
On: April 6, 2014   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: 5 Comments

Ask Revolva is an ongoing column, in which the public expresses confusion about anything from hooping and performance, to career counseling and tax ad...

Revolvies Pre-Show deleted scenes
On: March 25, 2014   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: No Comment

“Killing your babies.” That’s what they call it. By “they,” I mean writers, and by “it,” I mean denying the ...

Rape culture, badasses, and putting the “I” in Valentine’s Day
On: February 14, 2014   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: 7 Comments

One year ago today, as my eyes rolled completely back into my brain over political commentary on rape, I came out publicly (for the first time in 17 y...

Who will save the day, in a pair of party pants? (Free leggings contest winner)
On: August 19, 2013   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: No Comment

Last week I launched my new website with a contest asking, ‘If you won a pair of Revolva’s leggings, what would your resulting alter-ego ...

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