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An open letter to Oprah, whose ‘The Life You Want’ tour asked me to work for free
On: November 13, 2014   |   By:   |   Under: commentary, oprah, Performance   |   Comments: 390 Comments

To achieve the life you want, avoid situations that devalue your worth. Like when Oprah’s “The Life You Want” tour, with its tickets priced up t...

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The 5th non-annual 2014 Revolvies Hoop Awards for 2013
On: January 29, 2014   |   By:   |   Under: comedy, Contests, Revolvies   |   Comments: 2 Comments

Good evening, and welcome BACK to the Revolvies, a totally biased awards show, based solely on the opinion of one unitard-loving woman. The Revolvies ...

Who will save the day, in a pair of party pants? (Free leggings contest winner)
On: August 19, 2013   |   By:   |   Under: Uncategorized   |   Comments: No Comment

Last week I launched my new website with a contest asking, ‘If you won a pair of Revolva’s leggings, what would your resulting alter-ego ...

What’s a creative writing contest without spandex?
On: June 19, 2013   |   By:   |   Under: Contests, Fashion   |   Comments: 12 Comments

Dazzle me with comments. Win the hottest leggings in East Oakland. This evening, after a Fugu puffer fish snack and an 1811 Château d’Yquem facia...

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